The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus

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Dramatis Personae SATURNINUS, son to the late Emperor of Rome, and afterwards declared Emperor. BASSIANUS, brother to Saturninus; in love with Lavinia. TITUS ANDRONICUS, a noble Roman, general against the Goths. MARCUS ANDRONICUS, tribune of the people, and brother to Titus. LUCIUS QUINTUS MARTIUS MUTIUS sons to Titus Andronicus. Young LUCIUS, a boy, son to Lucius. PUBLIUS, son to Marcus the Tribune. SEMPRONIUS CAIUS VALENTINE kinsmen to Titus. AEMILIUS, a noble Roman. ALARBUS DEMETRIUS CHIRON sons to Tamora. AARON, a Moor, beloved by Tamora. A Captain, Tribune, Messenger, and Clown; Romans. Goths and Romans. TAMORA, Queen of the Goths. LAVINIA, daughter of Titus Andronicus. A Nurse. Senators, Tribunes, Officers, Soldiers, anAttendants. SCENE Rome, and the country near it.